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Does this place have free WiFi


Could this make a decent late night study spot?

Yes it could

Do u have gluten free


Does this establishment offer a meeting room?


Are u guys hiring in if you are what age or to like what age

Most start at 16 or 17.

Do you have gluten free donuts?


Do they ship out of state?

I am not sure if they do any shopping or not. You can give them a call at 843-444-6161 to ask them.

are you going to be open on Christmas morning ?

They never close! Ever!!! Lol

Are there vegan doughnuts available?

I would call. I dont recall seeing any but double check

How much is a dozen

Don't know, Spent $1.98 for 2 stuffed w vanilla cream . choc. Icing on top was delish.

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